Self-proclaimed employee of the year seven years running, Ed has been a fixture at Campau corner for over eight years. Ed splits his time between a home in Florida and his alto home. Ed is most commonly seen talking to customers about fishing and hunting, but evidence of him ever succeeding in either hobby has yet to be seen.  Ed has graciously decided to not enter his name in newest employee of the year judging, instead, he has renamed it the Edward Lang Award. A life time achievement award has been rumored.


Bernie has been the manager at Campau Corner since the Ziemke’s purchased the store in 1998. Bernie attended Northwood University before his working career. Standing six foot eight, his most humorous career choice was working in a small photo booth. Bernie has been an athlete and a fan of sports all of his life. He was the assistant coach at Jordan College for their first season of women’s basketball. Bernie is a perennial second place finisher in the Campau Corner Wiffle Ball League consisting of two teams.  Bernie has three daughters, all of whom worked for Campau Corner during school, and now has three grand children.