September 17, 2021

Our Store

Store History

In 1998, the Ziemke Family purchased the store from Anita Janose. Renaming it Campau Corner was this first of many changes the store would see in the coming years. The entire store was remodeled including new flooring, ceiling, and walls. One of the early changes that helped shape Campau Corner was the addition of hot food. Several choices of ready made food were available, including the Campau Corner staple, fried chicken. Outgrowing their space, the store turned the service garage into more product space. Eventually this area would be used to house a movie rental business and then a pizza parlor. By the mid 2000’s, more space was needed and plans for a new store were starting to surface. In 2008, official plans were drawn for a new and improved Campau Corner. The building was to be erected behind the existing store, placing the new pumps where the previous store stood. Approval by the Charter Township of Caledonia was granted in 2009 and ground broke on the new site in March 2010. Saturday, September 25, the now known as “the old store” was open for the last day. An overnight move of product and supplies prepared “the new store” for the Sunday morning coffee and paper rush. After a month of tinkering and calibrating, the new Campau Corner was officially ready for a proper grand opening. To make a community event out of the day, several specials were put in place. Gas was priced more than 10 percent lower than the normal price and Subway offered buy one get one free subs. Specials on snacks and beverages were also offered. The new store is 3000 square feet larger than the previous one and has several improvements. The number of gas pumps has increased and the parking had more than doubled. The most noticeable change is a full Subway sandwich shop connected to the building.